Garage Door Repair Deerwood
Garage Door Repair Deerwood
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Provide complete garage door sensors maintenance

The maintenance involves cleaning the photo eyes of the units with a soft and dry lint-free cloth. You have to clean the main body if it is dirty as well. The next step is to inspect the wiring to ensure that it is in good condition. Once you are done, you have to align the sensors so that they face each other precisely.

Properly cleaning garage door tracks

The tracks of garage doors are not meant to be lubricated. They should only be cleaned thoroughly. They are not designed to make the door slide through them with the aid of a lubricant. A dry cleaning method usually suffices. Lubricants may be used to help eliminate sticky materials on the tracks but not to intently reduce friction.

Keeping things dry

If you find your garage floor wet after a storm, you may have a weather-stripping problem. Weather-stripping is the piece of rubber that's used to seal the space between the garage door and floor. After a while, these will get brittle, lose their elasticity and develop cracks. When this happens, their efficacy in keeping water out is diminished tremendously. This should be replaced to improve weatherproofing in your garage.

Garage Door Repair Deerwood

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