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Changing Garage Door Springs

07/31/2014 Back To Blog

One of the more important parts of the your garage door are garage door springs that play a key role in the security and safety of the house. These springs are integral when it comes to the raising and lowering of the doors. They are also very sturdy as they play an important role. In fact, it often takes a while for these springs to wear down. But when your doors start giving you problems, it might be a good time to start looking into getting your springs changed.Changing Garage Door Springs

Taking a Better Look at Garage Door Springs

There are two different kinds of springs, namely the torsion springs or extension springs for garage doors. Each kind of spring has a different mechanism. These springs are connected to different kinds of safety cables that are made to break the fall of the door should the spring give way. So always make sure that the springs have cables attached to them, as a lack of cables would pose a huge safety hazard.

Garage door experts often say that there is a high chance that old doors have rusty springs. If they start to make a lot of noise, you should look at adding some lubricant to the springs. This usually does the trick. But if it still does not work, then the springs might be faulty and might need a garage door torsion spring replacement. If you also notice that your door cannot open and close properly, try to open it manually. Should this still fail to work, then the springs might be out of balance and might need some garage door torsion spring repair.

For any repair jobs, it is always best to get the help of a professional. A lot of people have tried the DIY method to save on the garage door torsion spring repair cost. But remember that you will be dealing with the safety and security of your family.

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